It is possible for a PS4 Controller to work out of the box wirelessly via Bluetooth. How you do this is hold down the "Share" button, then hit the PS button. This will make it findable in Bluetooth Software.

This will work great with games that use Direct Input, but for newer titles that use Xinput, download X360CE, this software will convert it the PS4 controller to Xinput and allow games to play using the PS4 controller wirelessly.

I don't know which games off hand support Direct Input vs XInput, Saint's Row The Third worked without any additional software, but the analog sticks were inverted with no way to correct except with X360CE. Once I got that program, it worked great! But Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut I haven't gotten to work at all. The odd thing is Windows shows all buttons and sticks working at all times, but some games do not seem happy with the way the PS4 Controller uses Direct Input.

Note. Windows does recognize the Touchpad as a 14th button meaning it will work in games. Only clicking the 14th button works but hopefully soon the Touchpad itself will work.