Something I'm seeing online lately with the launch of Xbox One and PS4 is when it comes to the benchmarking and technical resolution of 3rd party games between both consoles is that it doesn't matter. It's no big deal. "What matters is the games!"

Clearly, if you are living with this belief, you are forgetting the last 30 years of video games and are possibly in denial. These differences have been the focus of rivalries and used as buzz words to market a console. The 720p versus 1080p thing does matter because it can be used for marketing superiority by a competitor, and showing a clear difference in quality to sell a product to the consumer.

Think back over the last 30 years what differences have been used to sell a console to the consumer... Rob the Robot, The Zapper, 8-bit, 16-bit, 32,000 colors, Mode 7, 32-bit, 64-bit, Analog Stick, Rumble, Memory Expansion, Cartridge, Disc, Backwards Compatible, Blu-Ray, DVD, 3D, Dual Analog, Kinect, Online Capabilites, Has Hulu and Netflix... all these things, and so much more have been used as something "We have that they don't have." to sell a console. Even Mortal Kombat on SNES and Genesis having blood, or no blood, was a deciding factor for savvy gamer shoppers. There have been comparisons made longer then some of you reading have been alive.

Regardless of your dedication to Xbox or Playstation, you must have just forgotten last couple years as well, to know that flaws in Playstation games like Bayonetta and Skyrim were highlighted as reasons to buy an Xbox 360 and their versions of those games instead of the PS3 version. Same thing with Final Fantasy XIII, the high quality FMVs and game were simply better on PS3 than Xbox 360. Any flaw will be used to highlight a difference in quality and be made as a decision factor for purchase.

So yes, it does matter, a savvy shopper will want to know why a $500 unit can only run a game at 720p but a $400 unit can run the same game at 1080p. It's not always about name brand recognition or where their "friends" are. Not everyone keeps wearing Nike shoes just cause they are made by Nike, so why expect people to get Xbox One just cause they owned Xbox, or buy PS4 just cause they owned PS3. The features and how it runs the games they care about will be what they use to decide which console to get. If a fan of Call of Duty wants the optimal experience (without going PC) then they will Google "Call of Duty Ghosts ps4 vs xbox one" and come up with multiple articles showing PS4 does 1080p and go... Well PS4 it is right?


Call of Duty might be a bad example, cause many long time fans are in clans and care about what console to get based on that. But the example is still true. What if Assassin's Creed 4 on Xbox One is 720p and 1080p on PS4, and they love that franchise? Which console might they lean toward when doing the same kind of Google search? What about Watch Dogs comparisons, Battlefield 4 comparisons, Evil Within comparisons, Fallout 4 comparisons... The comparisons are coming and the comparisons matter.

With a new generation, comes a different way to measure what is better. Whether you like it or not, every 3rd party game on Xbox One and PS4 will be measured by resolution and framerate. Some may dismiss it and say "Well, it's only a couple games." It's a couple games right now yes, but that number will grow. Their framerate and resolution will be measured, and you can bet whichever console gets a 4K game first, or 4K features of some-kind will use that as a marketing point as well.


Welcome to the new generation, get used to it.